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MySpaLive’s Filler Courses for RNs and Above

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine, staying ahead means constantly updating one's skills and knowledge. MySpaLive, in partnership with Ageless Aesthetics, is proud to announce an exclusive opportunity for Registered Nurses and healthcare professionals above this level to advance their careers with our Entry-Level Dermal Filler Training Course. With limited spots available due to our commitment to a close, intimate setting that fosters hands-on learning, this course is designed to equip you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to safely and effectively administer Juvéderm dermal fillers.

Course Overview

The beauty of injectables lies in their ability to transform, rejuvenate, and enhance facial aesthetics with minimal invasiveness and downtime. Our comprehensive course covers the A-Z of dermal fillers, starting with the basics of facial anatomy and physiology, types of dermal fillers, injection techniques, patient assessment and consultation, safety protocols, and hands-on training. This one-day, 8-hour course ensures you walk away ready to apply your new skills in real-world settings.

Course Highlights

Anatomy and Physiology

A deep dive into facial anatomy, including muscles, bones, and vasculature, sets the foundation. Understanding the aging process and its impact on facial structures is crucial for effective treatment planning.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Focusing on the Juvéderm portfolio, we explore the characteristics, applications, and contraindications of fillers such as Juvéderm Ultra, Voluma, Vollure, and Volbella. This knowledge is vital for choosing the right product for each patient.

Injection Techniques

Practical skills are honed through learning and practicing various injection techniques for different facial areas. Mastery of needle handling, depth, and angles ensures treatments are both effective and comfortable for patients.

Patient Assessment and Consultation

Conducting comprehensive assessments and developing strong communication skills are key to ensuring patients' needs are met and they are fully informed about their treatment options.

Safety and Complications

Patient safety is paramount. We emphasize infection control measures and the management of potential complications, preparing you to handle any situation confidently.

Hands-On Training

Nothing beats real-world experience. Our course includes supervised hands-on sessions with anatomical models and live demonstrations on volunteer patients, ensuring you gain the confidence and competence needed for your practice.

Timeframe and Model Requirements

This intensive course is packed into a single day to maximize learning without a significant time commitment. Participants are required to bring their own models, meeting specific criteria, to practice the techniques learned, under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.

Come Join Us!

The Entry-Level Dermal Filler Training Course by MySpaLive, in collaboration with Ageless Aesthetics, is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a career milestone. By blending theoretical knowledge with extensive hands-on practice, we ensure our participants are well-equipped to deliver safe, effective, and aesthetically pleasing dermal filler treatments. Whether you're looking to enhance your current services or embark on a new journey in aesthetic medicine, this course is your gateway to a future of possibilities.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Secure your spot today and take the first step towards becoming a sought-after aesthetic injector in the vibrant field of aesthetic medicine.

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