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VIVID offers exclusive content to MySpaLive Injectors including further online training resources, mentorship opportunities, safety, and business tips.

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Perfect your skill set and stay up to date on the latest industry trends

"As a Med Spa owner, it has been amazing to provide my staff with extra training and resources that ensure our clients are always happy with their treatments. It is important that you stay up to date if you want to succeed in this industry." 

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“I'm so glad to finally have all of these amazing business resources in one place. Integrating all of the materials into my business makes me look more professional.”

Riley Jones

“I had no experience with social media, but there are so many great resources on this site and now I feel like a pro. Everything is up to date so I am always in the loop.”

Payton Hillman

“The extra training videos are great and let me brush up on my skill set. I also love learning from other injectors who have found sucess with MySpaLive.”

Reese Mathers

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