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Meet Susan Baker, R.N. Aesthetic Injector

I'm a Registered Nurse and specialize in Cosmetic Aesthetics, including Neurotoxin treatments. Typically I have about 15-20 patients a day, and it's a mixture of injections and other services that I offer at my med spa.

I started in the Medical Feild as a pediatric nurse, but I always loved the idea of being an aesthetic injector and building a client base of my own. The feeling of helping someone gain that confidence they've been looking for is just unmatched.

I decided to look into this career field but found it challenging to find a job that didn't require years of experience or expensive training. When I heard about MySpaLive, I thought it was too good to be true. After speaking with other injectors who found success with the company, I decided to take the leap and join their program. I took my class in April and immediately started injecting clients right after. I didn't have to worry about finding a Medical Director or purchasing an EMR system because they took care of everything for me.

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