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Step by Step Instructions on How to Complete a Good Faith Exam as a Patient

Share this information with your clients if they need assistance with completing the Good Faith Exam:

  • Download the MySpaLive app from the App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Sign up as a patient by creating a new account with your personal information.

  • Request a treatment by selecting the type of service you want, such as massage or facial, and choosing a provider in your area.

  • Schedule your treatment and make sure you are confirmed with a provider.

  • Tap the menu bar in the app and click "My Medical Treatments."

  • If you don't have a valid exam already done, you can start a new one. You can either schedule for another day or do it right then and there.

  • You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your health. Answer them truthfully and accurately.

  • Pay the one-time fee of $39 for the exam.

  • Once the fee is paid, you will be connected via a video call to an examiner. Make sure your sound and video are on so that you can communicate with the examiner.

  • The video call won't take more than ten minutes. The examiner will ask you some additional questions and review your medical history.

  • Once the call is done, your examiner will approve and add your Good Faith Exam certificate to your profile.

  • You are now ready for your treatment! The certificate is valid for up to one year, so you don't need to repeat the exam until then.

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