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Why we encourage our Injectors to always take our Level 2 Course

As a provider of aesthetic services, MySpaLive is dedicated to providing clients with safe and effective treatments. We ensure that our injectors are equipped to deliver high-quality results by encouraging them to take the Level 2 Neurotoxin course.

Our Level 1 Neurotoxin course is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning how to administer neurotoxin injections. In this course, participants learn the basics of facial anatomy and injection techniques and how to inject the forehead area and the crow's feet. However, there is much more to learn beyond these areas, and that's where our Level 2 Advanced course comes in.

One of the main reasons we encourage our injectors to take Level 2 is that it teaches them how to correct a brow drop. A brow drop occurs when too much neurotoxin is injected into the forehead, causing the eyebrows to droop. This can be a distressing side effect for clients and knowing how to correct it is essential. The Level 2 course teaches injectors how to perform a brow lift, which can effectively counteract a brow drop and restore a client's natural look.

Another reason why we encourage our injectors to take Level 2 is because it enables them to offer a more comprehensive range of services to their clients. While Level 1 covers the most commonly requested injection sites, such as the forehead and crow's feet, the Level 2 course teaches injectors how to inject other face areas, such as the chin, brow, lip, and DAOs. Our injectors can attract more clients and increase profitability by offering these additional services.

Finally, our injectors need to be able to provide a full range of services to their clients. Many clients prefer having all of their aesthetic treatments performed by a single provider rather than seeing multiple providers for different areas of their faces. By being able to perform a broader range of injections, our injectors can offer clients the convenience and continuity of care they desire.

By investing in your education and training, you can continue to deliver safe and effective treatments to your clients and maintain a reputation as a leader in the aesthetics industry. If you want to sign up for one of our upcoming classes, you can register through your MySpaLive app.

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